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The first boating experience abroad is always the most memorable and exciting. Let us plan every detail to ensure that your vacation is care-free and full of fun.

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Is this your first time?

There's so much around the Mediterranean. What about Europe's rivers and canals? Try the exotic, romantic Caribbean. Or the remote Antarctic? We have them all.

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The perfect destination?

Whether you want an unforgettable experience with family or friends, a romantic vacation, or a chance to stretch your sailing skills, you've come to the right place.

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Are you adventurous?

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Welcome to our water world!


It's a thrill to enjoy the opportunities of our planet's oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and waterways. There's so much to get to know. That's where SY BOATING contributes so much.


Our team has vast practical experience on the water - blue water cruising, coastal gunk holing, canal boating - you name it. We specialize in planning a boating trip that's tailored to perfection - a vacation to remember.  This truly is 'travelling differently'.


SY BOATING is different from start to finish. You'll notice our high level of service, professionalism, care and effort everywhere. You're never neglected before, during or after your vacation.

Our satisfaction is in your pleasure.


What's in the name?

The SY in our name is Sdot Yam, where we're based. Meaning 'Fields of the Sea', this kibbutz on the Israeli coast has a long sea-going tradition. From here, the founders fished the Mediterranean and other seas. It's a key reason why Sdot Yam is part of our brand name. 

Canal Boating

A canal boat is simple to operate by your whole family without any prior knowledge or experience. 


It's a delight to take family and friends on a leisurely cruise along inland waterways. You'll pass lovely landscapes, visit quaint villages and towns, meet interesting people and savor delectable local cuisines.


Choose from our fascinating destinations across Europe, in the United Kingdom and North America.

Sailing Yacht Charters

If you're already experienced, rent your yacht bareboat. If not, it comes with a professional skipper.


Let's shape your ultimate sailing experience - whether it's for the open sea,   coastal cruising, leisure or action. How about a vacation that mixes pristine, deserted beaches and bustling fishing ports?


Our network of yachts will take you all over - Greece, Croatia, Italy, Seychelles, Thailand, Caribbean and more.

Adventure Sailing

These 'action' cruises typically include a skipper as well as professional training.


For wild and powerful experiences, this is your spot. Exploit the yacht's full ocean-going capabilities while you also observe natural wildlife habitats, go on land trips, meet other cultures and see spectacular landscapes.


We'll hand-pick special destinations for you like Scotland, Iceland, Norway, Svalbard, and even Antarctica! 

There are lots of ways to explore

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Your marine consultant

I'm Jackie Ben-Zvi, a lover of all things nautical, with a BSc in Marine Biology and an International Skipper’s License.


My sailing record includes crossing the Atlantic Ocean, cruises in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and much more.


I've got loads of experience in yacht rentals and charters - and especially planning customized marine vacations. Let me advise you. 

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